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ACPA's Racial Justice Strategic Imperative

Are You Aware? ACPA's Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice

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About Campus

For the past 20 years About Campus has brought student learning to the forefront of higher education and student affairs. To ensure the longevity of this unique publication, an extraordinary group of people came together and built About Campus around the tenets of excellent scholarship, strength in community, and sharing practice for educators everywhere. Twenty years later, we aspire to continue this tradition. About Campus is a Member Benefit! Become a Member of ACPA and you will receive "About Campus" six times a year!  

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Journal of College Student Development

The Journal of College Student Development (JCSD) is one of the world’s leading journals on higher education. Subscribers include the members of ACPA-College Student Educators International, individuals (subscriptions available through Johns Hopkins University Press), and academic libraries (as JCSD or Project Muse subscribers).

JCSD is included in numerous research databases including the Social Science Citation Index, where JCSD is one of only five U.S. and international higher education journals indexed.  

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ACPA Congratulates Dr. John C. Hernandez

Long time ACPA member and leader, Dr. John C. Hernandez, has been named Santiago Canyon College’s Fifth President. Dr. Hernandez has served as an ACPA governing board member, Diamond Honoree, and Aspiring SSAO Institute faculty member. Read the full press release below. Congratulations Dr. Hernandez!


Join the Respect Movement!

Where Respect Happens
Colleagues, you’re invited to add YOUR perspective on RESPECT!    

ACPA is incredibly proud to announce Where Respect Happens, an international campaign in partnership with several members of The Student Affairs in Higher Education Consortium (SAHEC).  Where Respect Happens is an opportunity for professionals, students and community members on or connected to college and university campuses to impact the world scene with messages of self-respect and respect for others.   

ACPA Joins Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities in Letter re:DACA to Homeland Security


The following text is of a letter sent on behalf of many Higher Education associations and organizations to John F. Kelly, Secretary, U.S.. Department of Homeland Security.  The letter addresses concerns regarding the DACA (Deferred Action for childhood Arrivals) program.  ACPA is a signer in support of this message seeking justice for our students.

May 12, 2017

The Honorable John F. Kelly Secretary U.S.. Department of Homeland Security Nebraska Ave. Center, NW Washington, DC 20528

Dear Secretary Kelly:

Into the Belly of the Beast

Protesting in Texas

Dear Friends,

As a fourth generation Texan, I never imagined a day like today--when my home state would cruelly legislate the rounding up of my neighbors, friends and family members like cattle. Yet, that day has arrived. On 9 May 2017, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued a 'travel alert' informing anyone planning to travel to Texas in the near future to anticipate the possible violation of their constitutional rights when stopped by law enforcement.