Directorate Board

ACPA Commission for Housing and Residential Life


Directorate Body Position


Summary of Position and Commission:

For more than five decades, the history of the Commission for Housing and Residential Life (CHRL) has been one of numerous and outstanding contributions to ACPA, to the residence life profession, and to thousands of students who have lived, studied, and matured in residential colleges and universities. The elected Directorate Body members of the Commission for Housing and Residential Life are critical to the leadership, success and advancement of CHRL, through representing ACPA and residence life constituents in the higher education field.  The Directorate Body member represents one of the largest of ACPA's commissions, and actively involves their constituents in meeting seven major objectives:

  • To provide leadership to ACPA and the profession in general for student development in college residence halls.
  • To identify issues of special concern and advise colleagues regarding these concerns through the support of research efforts, survey information, reports, position papers, and task force investigations.
  • To communicate innovative ideas, special issues, problem resolution, and research information with a broad base of individuals throughout the country who are involved in residence education.
  • To maintain a working relationship with other professional organizations, student associations, and other commissions, divisions, and agencies within ACPA that maintain similar or overlapping objectives.
  • To cultivate professional development experiences through sponsoring and implementing convention programs and regional workshops.
  • To assist in developing a set of professional standards for staff working in residence halls.
  • To develop a plan and a process for evaluating the work and leadership of the commission.

Term Specifics and Qualifications:

  • The term of directorate body member is three years starting at the first national conference following election
  • Interested candidates must be actively working in the field of residence life and actively wish to represent the field in areas including operations, facilities, residence education, etc.
  • The ability to attend the four national conferences throughout their term and participate actively in regularly scheduled conference calls along with other meetings at the annual convention as scheduled by the CHRL Chair.
  • Must have home institutional support for three year commitment, including but not limited to financial means to attend the annual ACPA conventions for three consecutive years during term.
  • Interested candidates should have proven knowledge within Housing and Residence Life with plans to remain in the residence life field and progress as opportunity arises, as well as interest in making significant contribution to the field of higher education through involvement within ACPA.

Directorate Body Member- Leadership and Responsibilities:

  • Identify professional development needs of higher education professionals in the field of residence life and serve as a key representative of constituents to CHRL, and ACPA as a whole.
  • Participate in the planning professional development opportunities guided by ACPA professional competency areas as well as competencies specific to the housing and residential life field. Examples include: Advising and Leadership, Assessment, Learning and Development, Ethics and Legal Foundations, and Social Responsibility, Civic Engagement and Inclusion.
  • Support keys tasks in the growth and development of CHRL including nomination, election, awards, sponsored programs, website design, social media, and support the coordination of educational initiatives such as webinars, conferences etc.
  • Provide support to CHRL vice-chairs within their specific competency assignment; and as tenure develops within CHRL, provide progressive leadership and oversight including but not limited to the organization of CHRL tasks and assignments or the role of vice-chair itself.
  • Encourage participation and involvement on one’s own campus and throughout the field for the continued growth and development of CHRL and ACPA, specifically including the nomination of other qualified constituents for the continued growth of CHRL.
  • Actively participate in outreach efforts to state, regional, national and international entity groups outside of CHRL/ACPA.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by CHRL leadership including the vice-chairs, chair elect, chair or past chair.