2021-2022 PAN Chair: Ja’Mahl McDaniel

Since my first ACPA convention in 2015 at Tampa, I have looked forward to connecting with many dynamic, unapologetically Black scholars and professionals through the Pan African Network. PAN has and continues to provide m

e with a sense of comfort, community, and energy that allows me to strive for excellence in my personal and professional journey. I am humbled and excited to spend another year growing and leading the Pan African Network. I have had the honor of serving as a part of PAN since 2018 starting off in the Community Outreach Civic Engagement committee. From day one, I have had a genuine love and passion for doing the work of PAN and maintained a commitment to our six core values through my work and leadership.

This past year serving as your Chair-Elect has allowed me to see PAN continue to have an impact despite the many moments of adversity and ambiguities in the current pandemic. Working with our Directorate Board reminded me of the resilience of our community and what we can accomplish together. Most importantly, this year as Chair-Elect also gave me the chance to reflect and reimagine ways PAN can continue to have meaningful influence within the ACPA and the larger higher education community. My term comes behind many amazing leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to creating an experience where you will feel radical Black love, developed into new leaders and prepared to strategically recalibrate our efforts towards progress as a network.

I am excited to continue with the same enthusiasm and move PAN towards manifesting new heights as we transition into a new year. As we prepare to spend next year in St. Louis, my theme is “Access Granted”. Accessibility, to me, is about removing barriers, promoting readiness, and creating an inclusive experience for all to benefit. My goal is to help strengthen the pathways for Black professionals to the work of PAN and to the larger ACPA experience.

Through the lens of Access Granted, we will promote more readily available information, and create collaborative opportunities for Black professionals across generations to sustain connectivity year around. Access Granted also speaks to my commitment to lead with transparency and authenticity. Throughout my term and beyond, I hope to organize intentional efforts and work closely with our directorate board and you to encourage a shared sense of ownership to our core values we hold dear. Stay tuned for more to come from PAN.


Ja’Mahl McDaniel (He/Him/His)

2021-2022 Chair, Pan African Network