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We had a role open on our Directorate for the Publications Coordinator role.

Job Responsibilities
Coordinate the MRN blog, including meet the directorate board post (typically done in July or August), content writing, soliciting volunteer writers, etc.
Create a pre-convention blog post (typically done in February) and a post-convention blog post (typically done in April).
Create and publish content for the MRN website (monthly updates).
Increase the visibility of MRN through new outreach possibilities via the web, i.e., drive-in workshops, e-meetings, author spotlights, and/or resource guides for MRN professionals.
Solicit articles for the MRN publications (including website and CMA Newsletter).
Edit and monitor the consistency of MRN publications.
Develop creative ways to promote the vision, mission and core values of MRN.
Determine the public relations needs for the ACPA conferences and beyond and work with the Social Media Coordinator to promote projects and coordinate social media/blog posts.

Time Commitment
5-10 hours/month (busiest time is Feb-April)

If you are interested in learning more about this role, please email