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ACPA–College Student Educators International is a values-centered leadership association that has worked to boldly transform higher education since 1924. Student affairs and higher education professionals, faculty, and students trust ACPA to deliver high-quality educational programs, provide access to modern research and scholarship, and promote leadership at all levels through a racial justice and decolonization lens.

we work boldly with you

ACPA transforms higher education by creating and sharing influential scholarship, shaping critically reflective practice, and advocating for equitable and inclusive learning environments.


ACPA continuously connects with you, the people we serve, so that we can help you boldly transform higher education.


We conduct thorough research so that we can understand pain points and areas of critical need, making sure our work is well-informed.


We advocate for equity and fairness in all things, keeping a close eye on government policies that affect college students.

Professional Development

We offer professional development in the form of conferences, webinars, and other resources, so that you can become the best higher education professional you can be.

our upcoming events

2022 Women’s Leadership Institute

2022 Women’s Leadership Institute

Be a part of a special program for women seeking to further their leadership skills in higher education administration. Through presentations, small-group exercises, and discussion, you will gain a practical understanding of what it takes to be a leader on a college or university campus—both the challenges and the rewards.

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Dec 06, 2022
2022 Leadership Educators Institute

2022 Leadership Educators Institute

Join us for #ACPA25 in Long Beach, California from 16-19 February 2025!
Additional information on this convention experience will be released at the end of #ACPA24 in Chicago. Visit for more information!

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Dec 14, 2022
ACPA Senior-Level Support Network Conversations

ACPA Senior-Level Support Network Conversations

The ACPA Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP) coordinates and hosts the Senior-Level Support Network. Our monthly conversations are to discuss concerns and issues facing those in leadership positions across institutional […]

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Dec 15, 2022
December #CWIwrites

December #CWIwrites

The Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI) and Emerging Scholar Dr. Chelsea Haines invite interested CWI members and friends to join a monthly online Zoom writing space. Our December 16 session […]

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Dec 16, 2022

we focus on
equity & inclusion

We know there are a lot of students to serve, and we understand they come from different backgrounds, parts of the world, and financial situations. Every decision we make and training we offer is rooted in the lens of racial justice and decolonization. When you learn best practices from us, you can rest assured knowing they’re the best—for everyone.

our members tell our story

ACPA has fundamentally changed the way I engage and reflect in the realm of higher education and student affairs. Through ongoing professional development, partaking in Commissions & Coalitions, as well as attending Convention, I have been empowered to be better so that I can do better for the students and colleagues I am serving at my respective institution. Furthermore, ACPA has challenged me to think and act, in critical ways, about how I am engaging with justice work; particularly as it relates to intersectionality and power, privilege and oppression.

— Mid-Level Professional

I have been a member of ACPA for more than thirty years and it has been the foundation of my professional development. Although my association roles and responsibilities have changed over the decades, one thing has remained constant as a career-long member of ACPA: being surrounded by bright, dedicated, and inspiring colleagues who have advanced my professional life and enriched me personally.

— Senior-Level Faculty Member


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