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Communities of Practice represent and focus on the unique needs of professionals at various points within their career. Communities of Practice recognize the importance of community, conversation, and collaboration among professionals spanning functional areas and identities, yet sharing positional-related experiences. Members can participate in Communities of Practice by attending sponsored webinars, Convention programs, networking events, volunteering for leadership roles, and more. Involvement opportunities are open to any ACPA Member and can be explored below!

Get Involved in an ACPA CHAPTER 

  1. Log into the ACPA Member Portal
  2. Click on the Chatter tab
  3. Click on Groups
  4. Search for the Chapter(s) you wish to join
  5. click Join Group next to the Chapter!

OUR Communities of practice

graduate students and new professionals community of practice logo

Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice (GSNPCOP)

Contact the Chair:
Tye Wesley //

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Mid-Level Community of Practice (MLCOP)

Contact the Chairs:
Alex Matiash //

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Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCOP)

Contact the Chairs:
Troy Seppelt //

Latest Updates from Communities of Practice

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APPLICATION DEADLINE: 28 OCTOBER 2022 ACPA is excited to recruit Graduate Interns to assist with the execution of the ACPA Annual Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. Convention Interns assist with numerous administrative responsibilities related to the execution of...

SLCOP Past Award Recipients

Our association, and higher education as a whole, would not be where it is today without the work of professionals and scholars at every level and from every institutional type. We are honored to be able to recognize the amazing work of our colleagues listed here....