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Communities of Practice represent and focus on the unique needs of professionals at various points within their career. Communities of Practice recognize the importance of community, conversation, and collaboration among professionals spanning functional areas and identities, yet sharing positional-related experiences. Members can participate in Communities of Practice by attending sponsored webinars, Convention programs, networking events, volunteering for leadership roles, and more. Involvement opportunities are open to any ACPA Member and can be explored below!

Get Involved in an ACPA CHAPTER 

  1. Log into the ACPA Member Portal
  2. Click on the Chatter tab
  3. Click on Groups
  4. Search for the Chapter(s) you wish to join
  5. click Join Group next to the Chapter!

OUR Communities of practice

graduate students and new professionals community of practice logo

Graduate Students and New Professionals Community of Practice (GSNPCOP)

Contact the Chairs:
Gabe Marenco-Garcia & Tye Wesley // [email protected]

Mid-Level Community of Practice logo

Mid-Level Community of Practice (MLCOP)

Contact the Chairs:
Nikki Laird & 
Lisa M. Lockman // [email protected]

Mid-Level Community of Practice logo

Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCOP)

Contact the Chair:
Troy Seppelt // s[email protected]

Latest Updates from Communities of Practice

MLCOP Suggested Reading List

Additional resources from our recent webinar on May 15,2020 Queers Need Resources Additional resources sample documents (links are case-sensitive): Alumni Funding proposal, Rutgers University: Event tracking form: Multiple...

Get Involved-Serve within the SLCOP!

Service to our chosen profession can take many forms and the same is true for the ACPA Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP). Get Involved with SLCoP by nominating a colleague for recognition by SLCoP, helping to select award winners or our convention sponsored...

Present a SLCOP program at ACPA22

Each year, the Senior-Level Community of Practice (SLCoP) sponsors educational sessions at the ACPA Annual Convention and brings together practitioners and scholars from across the association to create virtual offerings throughout the year. Get involved with SLCoP by...

Cal 2019 Convention

Cal at #ACPA19 – Boston, Massachusetts (USA) Each year, the Commission for Administrative Leadership plays an active role in the ACPA Convention through program sponsorships, directorate meetings, and networking opportunities to support our mission. At the 2019...