ACPA Annual Conventions

Approximately 2,500 members and guests attend ACPA Annual Convention each year! Every Convention experience is different and each Convention Planning Team works hard to ensure a unique and personalized experience for every attendee.

Highlights of the past Conventions include:

  • Distinguished Keynote speakers: Brittney Cooper (2022), Janet Mock (2021), Kimberlé Crenshaw (2020), Franchesca Ramsey (2019), Robin DiAngelo (2018), Eboo Patel, Jose Antonio Vargas (2015), Brené Brown (2014), Melissa Harris Perry (2013), Van Jones and Lisa Ling (2012), Cory Booker and Morris Dees (2011), John Quinones (2010), Greg Mortenson and Marian Wright Edelman (2009), Nikki Giovannni and Carol Gilligan (2008)
  • Over 600 educational sessions – the largest selection among all student affairs conferences
  • Highly acclaimed Pre-Convention Workshops
  • Important discussions and dialogues within our Caucus Groups
  • Networking opportunities at Entity events, receptions and award ceremonies
  • FUN social events like Cabaret, CultureFest and CelebrACPA

upcoming Conventions

save our dates. ACPA25 16-19 February 2025.


ACPA 2024 Chicago // 18-21 March 2024
Keynote Speakers: Matika Wilbur & Rhiana Gunn-Wright
Convention Chair: Rachel A. Beech

ACPA 2023 New Orleans // 26-29 March 2023
Keynote speakers: Jonathan P. Higgins, Brit M. Williams, Kedrick Perry, TJ Stewart, Preston Mitchum
Convention Chair: Marc A. Lo

ACPA 2022 St. Louis // 6-9 March 2022
Keynote speakers: Stephanie Waterman, Steve Mobley Jr., John Hernandez, Brittney Cooper
Convention Chair: Jason Cottrell

ACPA 2021 Virtual // 1-17 March 2021
Keynote speakers: Shaun Harper and Janet Mock
Convention Chair: Bernie Liang

ACPA 2020 Nashville // 3-6 March 2020
Keynote Speakers: Kimberlé Crenshaw and Rosa Clemente
Convention Chair: Kelvin Rutledge

ACPA 2019 Boston // 3-6 March 2019
Keynote Speakers: Franchesca Ramsey & Steven Canals
Convention Chair: Bill Huff

ACPA 2018 Houston // 11-14 March 2018
Keynote Speakers: Robin DiAngelo & Z Nicolazzo
Convention Chair: Ray Plaza

ACPA 2017 Columbus // 26-29 March 2017
Keynote Speakers: Derreck Kayongo, Bettina Love, Freeman Hrabowski and Daisy Hernandez
Convention Chair: Danielle Morgan Acosta

ACPA 2016 Montreal // 6-9 March 2016
Keynote Speakers: Jack Saddleback, Martine DesJardins, Jay Smooth, and Irshad Manji
Convention Chair: Chris Moody


ACPA 2015 Tampa // 2-5 March 2015
Keynote Speakers: Jose Antonio Vargas, Stephanie Hammarman, Eboo Patel, Laverne Cox, Stephen John Quaye, and Jamie Washington
Convention Chair: Kristan Cilente Skendall

ACPA 2014 Indianapolis // 30 March- 2 April 2014
Keynote Speakers: Kohl Crecelius, Cathy Bao Bean, Erik Qualman, Brené Brown
Convention Chair: Gretchen Metzelaars

ACPA 2013 Las Vegas // 4-7 March 2013 (co-located with NIRSA)
Keynote Speakers: Melissa Harris Perry, Ben Cohen, and BD Wong
Convention Chair: Karen Warren Coleman

ACPA 2012 Louisville // 25-28 March 2012
Keynote Speakers: Van Jones and Lisa Ling
Convention Chair: Steve Sutton

ACPA 2011 Baltimore // 27-30 March 2011
Keynote Speakers: Cory Booker and Morris Dees
Convention Chair: Patty Perillo

ACPA 2010 Boston // 21-24 March 2010
Keynote Speakers: John Quinones, George Kennedy, Elizabeth Hawkins Robinson, Anthony Curry and Carrie Gibson, Michael Kimmel and the Smoke Signals
Convention Chair: Robin Diana

ACPA 2009 Metro DC // 28 March-1 April 2009
Keynote Speakers: Greg Mortenson and Marian Wright Edelman
Convention Chair: Jonathan Poullard

ACPA 2008 Atlanta // 29 March- 2 April 2008
Keynote Speakers: Nikki Giovannni and Carol Gilligan
Convention Chair: Sue Saunders

ACPA 2007 Orlando // 1-4 April 2007 (Joint conference with NASPA)
Keynote Speakers: Al Gore and Dr. Ben Carson
Convention Chair: Jill Carnaghi and Mike Segawa

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