ACPA Entity Groups

providing professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities to members

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{ involvement by functional area & interests }

Commissions represent the job/functional areas or professional specializations in which ACPA members are employed or have an interest or passion.

Coalitions & Networks

{ involvement by personal identity }

ACPA Coalitions & Networks are unique entities in that they represent and act as advocates for the social and personal identities of the ACPA membership. ACPA has a proud tradition of advocating for and advancing the voices of all of members of our profession and Coalitions & Networks are at the forefront of issues of inclusion and social justice.

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Communities of Practice

{ involvement by career level }

Communities of Practice represent and focus on the unique needs of professionals at various points within their career. Communities of Practice recognize the importance of community, conversation, and collaboration among professionals spanning functional areas and identities, yet sharing positional-related experiences. 

local chapters & international divisions

{ involvement by geographical location }

ACPA Chapters & International Divisions provide professional development, access to research & scholarship and access to leadership opportunities at
the local level.

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Upcoming Entity Events

PANitForward Campaign

PANitForward Campaign

The Pan African Network (PAN) is deeply committed to investing in our members and community by providing financial assistance toward convention attendance through our #PANItForward campaign. This year's convention theme […]

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05 November 2021