ACPA is seeking candidates to join the team of editors of the Publications Board (formerly Books and Media Board).

The editors work under the general direction of Director for Research and Scholarship and the ACPA Governing Board. Specific qualifications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ACPA membership
  • Attendance at the ACPA Annual Convention each year
  • Prior editing/publishing experience
  • Demonstrated writing ability
  • Expertise with standard word processing programs
  • Ability to send and receive attachments via e-mail
  • Ability to share documents in Google Drive
  • Ability to complete editorial work throughout the calendar year

Currently we have opened nominations for  the following:

Editor or Co-Editors – Books (Term 2022-2025)

  • Advertise ACPA Books as a publication venue through various ACPA channels (Developments, conference presentations, etc.)
  • Update ACPA Books information on the ACPA Publications Website.
  • Make information available about the proposal process for ACPA Books on the ACPA Publications Website.
  • Meet with and respond to author/editor inquiries about the proposal process.
  • Review proposals submitted and provide feedback to authors/editors before submitting to Stylus.
  • Review manuscript submissions and provide feedback before submitting final work to Stylus.
  • Meet quarterly with Stylus editor.
  • Submit reports of ACPA Books activity as requested to ACPA Director of Research and Scholarship.

Co-Coordinator, Research Grants (Term 2023 – 2026) 

In partnership with the ACPA Foundation, the ACPA Research Grants are awarded annually to a variety of researchers and scholars whose work “enhances the student affairs profession and disseminates knowledge about college students.” The awards selection process takes place in Summer and Fall. The recipients of the grants also have the opportunity to present their research findings in a symposium at the ACPA Annual Conventions. The coordinator(s) of the Research Grants are responsible for the following:

  • Work with staff at the International Office to update the ACPA website with information about the application process. Recruit applications for the Research Grant by disseminating application procedures to ACPA members in a variety of forums.
  • Recruit reviewers to review the applications.
  • Coordinate the review process.
  • Identify the recipients of the awards.
  • Coordinate with the International Office and ACPA Foundation to notify grant recipients and the process for disseminating funds.
  • Notify those who are not funded and provide feedback, as able, so that they can submit stronger proposals in the future.
  • Coordinate the Research Symposium session at the Annual Convention.