In March 2023, ACPA will return to New Orleans, Louisiana for its Annual Convention. I encourage you to consider applying to serve as the ACPA23 Convention Chair! Leading the ACPA Annual Convention planning efforts, in collaboration with the ACPA International Office staff and team of dedicated volunteers, is a transformative opportunity to serve the profession and shape the convention experience for those who participate.

About New Orleans

The Annual Convention was held in New Orleans, Louisiana twice before, in 1937 and in 1986. As we celebrate our 99th Anniversary and prepare for our 100th Anniversary, I ask that we come to know and honor the history and people of New Orleans. It will help guide and lead our learning at ACPA23.

New Orleans is the original homelands of the Chitimacha and Choctaw nations and their ancestors. Initially named by the Choctaw as Bulbancha or a “place of many tongues,” the land served as a vibrant location for trading among many indigenous nations. Following a long history of genocide and forced removal, today, about 2,700 Indigenous people reside in the New Orleans area.The land of New Orleans is also significant site of slavery. For centuries the region’s seaports and lands contributed to the violent transportation, exploitation and enslavement of Black people and within the United States

Further, we cannot engage New Orleans  without acknowledging the impact of the Hurricane Katrina. This category 5 storm not only created an immediate emergency in 2005 but also left a legacy of devastating land damage, loss of life, housing displacement and exapparated economic strain across the region. Black and Brown communities in New Orleans were particularly impacted by delayed government response, subjected to race and class-biased media coverage as well as hyper-policing and criminalization.

ACPA is committed to the ACPA23 Convention advancing issues of social justice and taking action in alignment with ACPA’s Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization. It is in this solidarity and action we will bring together new and returning members of our community to reflect, engage, and continue to build our capacity to boldly transform higher education.

About the ACPA Convention Chair Role

The Convention Chair is a key volunteer for the association:

  • In partnership with the Vice President, sets the overall vision for the Convention. Has overall responsibility for the Annual Convention Program and Curriculum and serves as the cost center manager for the convention program budget, working directly with the International Office.

  • Leads the Convention Steering Team.

  • Sets and chairs all team meetings.

  • Appoints members of the Convention Steering Committee and Convention Planning Team through an open process, in consultation with the ACPA Vice President and International Office Team, and Convention Steering Committee leads for each area.

  • Serve as budget manager for convention program and curriculum costs, approve all expenditures, and oversee convention finances in conjunction with the Director of Professional Development.

  • Implement the convention planning timetable and curriculum as developed by the Convention Steering Committee, Convention Program Team, and International Office Staff.

  • Consult with the Director of Professional Development regarding the convention budget, overall convention management, and overall schedule and promotion.

  • Consult with the local arrangements team regarding local arrangements and special amenities.

  • In conjunction with the program team, oversee the development of the convention program curriculum and planning cycle from program submission to convention execution.

  • Communicate with the Governing Board and various entity chairpersons concerning the development of the convention program.

  • Determine fiscal appropriations of the convention program budget and host functions in consultation with the International Office Staff.

  • Collect and coordinate reports from Convention Steering Committee and Convention Program Team; prepare and provide a Final Report within three (3) months after convention.

Apply to be the ACPA23 Convention Chair

Chairing the ACPA Convention is a great feat, and often mentioned as one of the highlights of one’s career.  We welcome passionate candidates who have experience in setting a vision, leading volunteer teams to accomplish that vision, and building relationships with Association leaders and members alike to shape inclusive communities.  Join us in boldly transforming higher education. Applications are due Wednesday, 10 September, 2021.

An open call for Convention Planning Team membership and volunteers will be shared shortly following Convention Chair selection.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Moody, ACPA Executive Director, by email at or phone at 202.759-4828.

In community,

Andrea D. Domingue
ACPA Vice President
(Incoming ACPA 2022-23 President)