2019 sponsored programs:

  • The Practitioner’s Approach: Cognitive Information Processing in Career Services – Brittany Devies, Briana Edwards, and Casey Lowe – Florida State University
  • Infusing Equity & Justice-Based Practices into your Employer Relations Strategy – Kelvin Ruteledge – Southern Connecticut State University
  • Career Readiness: Creating a Campus Wide Initiative – Riannon Nute (University of New Hampshire) and Melissa Lyon (University of New Hampshire at Manchester)
  • Building Student Employability: Leveraging Perceptions of Co-Curricular Engagement – Dr. Frimpomaa Ampaw, Jennifer Drevon, Zachary Evans, and Danielle Rossman – Central Michigan University
  • Transformative Student Leadership by Design: Designing Intentional Student Leadership Roles and Employability Skills – Samantha Hebel – Cornell College

2018 Sponsored Programs:

  • Helping First Gen Students Become First Gen Professionals – Candace Lamb, Univeristy of Texas – Austin
  • It’s Just My Face: Black Women’s Career Development & Supervision Experience – Brittany Williams, University of Georgia
  • No Time for That?: Developing Career Resilience in Nontraditional Students – Paula Caldwell, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Planned Happenstance: An Inclusiv Approach to Understanding Career Development – Jacqueline S. Lewis, Heather Kaasa, Rachel Eaton, and Diane Coursol, Minnesota State Univeristy – Mankato
  • Seven Indicators for Search Success: How Competencies Transform Student Success – Virginia R. Sloop Johnson, Duke Univeristy
  • Work Transitions: Strategies for Success in a New Role – Jo Campbell, Caifornia State Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo, Morgan Moss, Loyola Univeristy Chicago, Abbi J Priehs, Univeristy of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and Thomas Gibson, Bowling Green State Univeristy – Click here for supporting materials.

2011 Sponsored Programs:

  • A Journey to Develop a Non-Traditional Experiential Education Opportunity – Pepa Carlson and Jennifer Jennings, Michigan State University
  • Assessing Career Center Learning Outcomes: Getting Traction and Results – Kevin Gaw, Georgia State University
  • From Class to Career: Industry Week Series – Christine Cruzvergara and Kelly Sargent, Georgetown University
  • Do We Practice What We Preach? (Roundtable) – Michael Kulick, University of Akron, Jennifer Cisar-Lawrence, The Ohio State University, Leslie Kingsley, Colby College, Carrie Hawes and Rhonda Sarmento, Duke University
  • Got Work? Learning is Work and Work is Changing! – Thomas Broussard, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University
  • Rethinking Career Decision Making for Student Success: A Curricular Approach – Tracy M Lara, David Gregory, Patrick Jackson, Kristi Taraschke, Kent State University, and Holly Craider, Cuyahoga Community College

2010 Sponsored Programs:

  • Employment Advising: A Student Centered Approach – Christine Cruzvergara, Georgetown University
  • Meeting “Digital Natives” on their Turf: Career Development Online – Andrea Dine, Brandeis University
  • Rolling with the Punches: Career Centers and the Economic Situation (Roundtable) – Christine Cruzvergara, Georgetown University
  • Spider Road Trips: Connecting Current Students, Alumni, and Employers – Joslyn Bedell, University of Richmond (Additional: SRT Evaluation & SRT ACPA Spreadsheet
  • Surveys, Observations, and Rubrics Oh My! Assessing Career Services (Cosponsored) – Jessica Turos, Bowling Green State University
  • Transgender Voices: Career Issues for Transgender Job Seekers – Mary Beth Barritt, University of Vermont

2009 Sponsored Programs:

  • Emerging Trends in Career Services: Adaptation of Casella’s Paradigm – Farouk Dey, University of Florida and Matthew Real, University of Louisville
  • It Takes a Village: Partnerships to Enhance Students’ Career Development – Jennifer Browning, Rollins College and Elizabeth Boggs, Rollins College
  • Globally Courageous: Internationalizing Your Student Affairs Professional Development – Amber Graham, University of Rochester; Kacee Ferrell Snyder, Bowling Green State University; Rian Satterwhite, Kennesaw State University and Christopher Silva, Qatar Foundation

2008 Sponsored Programs:

  • Practical Engagement: Graduate Students Taking Ownership of their Career Satisfaction – Joanna Kroll and Kelly Kowatch
  • Choosing the Best: Developing an Effective Selection Process – Michael Fried and Kelly Schrader
  • Voices from the Middle: Purposeful Supervision of Middle Managers – Amy Stalzer, Danielle McDonald, Ann Pitini, and Merideth Ray
  • The Art of Influence: Engaging in Political Behavior – Geisce Ly
  • Jazz Up your Career Presentations! – Kristen Renee Lindsay (Additional: Ten Steps to Create Activity & Activity Descriptions)

2006 Sponsored Programs:

  • A Culturally-Integrative Career Course for First-Generation Racial/Ethnic Minority College Students – Liz Preston and Greg Iccarino (Additional: Literature Review & Syllabus)
  • Globetrotters, Backpackers and Jetsetters: Aiding Students in International Career Searching – Amber Graham Schult (Additional: Handout)
  • Improving Students’ Time to Graduation – Farouk Dey and Mason Murphy
  • Tech & Touch: Combining Courses and Technology for Career Development – Lisa E. Severy & Mike Ballard
  • They’re Just Not That into You: Working with Disinterested Faculty – Scott C. Brown & Jaye Roseborough

2005 Sponsored Programs:

  • Getting Past Fluffy: Career Development Outreach Strategies – Andrea Dine, Macalester College