CWI Directorate Member Position Description

The Coalition for Women’s Identities is accepting applications for the next directorate class. The Coalition for Women’s Identities supports, develops, and empowers the spectrum of women- and female-identified people and those in solidarity with us through advocacy and activism, engaging community, and scholarship. Directorate members create an outstanding member experience for members of the Coalition and ACPA.

Directorate members are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Two (2) year commitment to the Directorate
  • Attend regularly scheduled Directorate meetings. Currently the board meets every other week. The meeting schedule is determined by the group.
  • Execute tasks to complete projects and objectives. Some examples include creating and maintaining an engaging social media experience; organizing, scheduling, and executing educational and professional development events; and recognizing members monthly and through formal association awards.
  • Plan and execute annual convention related tasks, projects, and events. All Directorate members arrive early and stay through the close of each annual Convention. Attend and participate in CWI events at ACPA’s annual Convention.
  • Directorate member driven initiatives. Members of the Directorate board may lead projects consistent with the mission of CWI.

Other Considerations

Due to the financial and time commitments required of Directorate members, you are strongly encouraged to seek support from your department and/or institution. Directorate members are expected to attend the Annual ACPA Convention even without departmental or institutional support. Having these conversations prior to applying for a position has resulted in greater support for current Directorate members.

A position on the Directorate is a volunteer position, but nonetheless has responsibilities. All Directorate members are expected to meet the minimum responsibilities for the position.

We hope this position description provides you with helpful information as you consider applying for the Directorate. Please know that if you have questions or want more information, you can certainly speak with current Directorate members about their experiences and this amazing leadership opportunity. Please email [email protected] directly should you have any additional questions. We look forward to your application!