Commission for Student Involvement

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Check out a past example of how you can engage with the CSI at Convention here:

Please contact us at or connect with the members of our Directorate Body with questions or ideas.

OUR mission

The Commission for Student Involvement enhances the knowledge and practice of educators working or interested in the areas of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership Education and Development, Student Organizations and Activities, and Community Service and Service-Learning by providing access to networking, recognition, and professional development opportunities.

Our Vision

The Commission is the leading entity group in creating accessible educational resources for a community of scholar-practitioners to enhance the student experience.

Guiding principles

  • Provide accessible educational resources to better enhance the student experience
  • Release creative content on a consistent basis
  • Professional home for scholar-practitioners
  • Elevate services provided to college students
  • Foster inclusive professional network of diverse experiences and identities


We are now accepting submissions for our bi-weekly CSI Newsletter!  This publication showcases the work of professionals across the world engaged in fraternity/sorority life, leadership education, community service/service learning and student organizations and activities. Do you have a reflection on a program from your campus?  Think you have a good practice for advising students?  Tips for working with community partners?  A job posting? All of these and more would make great Newsletter Submissions. This is also an opportunity to share writing samples with a broader audience and is a great entry way into publishing.

Please submit your content here.

For more information about our publications, please contact our Chair, Brittany Stanton


CSI BLOG: interchange

Meet the Directorate

The CSI has two leadership bodies within the Commission: Directorate Governing Board and the Leadership Team. The Directorate Governing Board, is the advisory body of the Commission and provides the long-term vision for the commission and works to ensure the Commission leadership is meeting the goals and vision of the Commission. While the Directorate Governing Board provides long-term visioning for the Commission, the Leadership Team is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day work of the Commission.

The dynamic structure of our Commission leadership – inclusive of our CSI Leadership Team and Directorate Governing Board – allows the CSI to provide ongoing professional development support to our members, while also focusing on our long-term vision for the CSI’s work to advance the mission and goals of ACPA. 

Meredith Keating White

Past Chair

Mercer University
Associate Director of Campus Life and Student Involvement

Brittany Stanton


Penn State DuBois
Student Engagement Coordinator

Tempris Daniels

Vice Chair

The University of Chicago
Student Involvement Advisor

James Silay

Chief of Staff

Case Western Reserve University
Associate Director of Greek Life 
Cortlyn Raymond

Vice Chair for Membership

Pitzer College
Assistant Director of Student Engagement
Nick Dressler

Vice Chair for Social Justice and Inclusion

Bates College
Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Lynne Miller

Vice Chair for Programs - Engagement and Convention Experience

University of Pittsburgh
Coordinator, Student Organization Resource Center

Cokie Thompson

Vice Chair for Research and Assessment

Louisiana State University 
Coordinator, Leadership and Service

Leslie Cavin

Leadership Education Chair

Western Carolina University
Assistant Director for Leadership

Nneka Walson

Student Organizations & Activities Chair

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Coordinator for RSO Support

Liz Cadwell

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Chair

University of Minnesota
Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Mark Dochterman

Community Service and Service Learning Chair

University of Illinois Springfield
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement

Haleigh Zurek

Vice Chair for Programs - Webinars and Convention Social

Marywood University
Assistant Director for Campus Programming

Hanna Seferos

Vice Chair for Communications

University of Chicago
Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Serve on the Leadership Team!

Are you interested in getting more involved with the CSI and serving on the Leadership Team? Elections for all positions occur in November so be sure to check back for information on how to apply!

Get Involved

Membership is open to all ACPA members, whether they have student involvement responsibilities as part of their day to day jobs, or are just interested in learning more!

Ready to join?

Joining an Entity through the ACPA Member Portal automatically identifies you as a member of that Entity! You will begin to receive Entity communications through their respective email listserv and have access to any resources they share!

  1. Login to your ACPA Member Account
  2. Click on Community Groups (Chatter)
  3. Click Groups
  4. Click Active Groups
  5. Find the entity you want to join and within that group, click +Join

Contact, to learn more about ACPA’s Commission for Student Involvement!

Any ACPA member can become involved and there are varying levels of involvement:

  • Access the syllabus clearinghouse and graduate prep program directory
  • Have your students submit proposals for the writing awards
  • Submit a proposal for a faculty research grant
  • Review conference programs for the annual convention
  • Review our writing award and research grant applications
  • Submit a program proposal for the annual convention
  • Get to know CPP at the annual convention:
    • Attend Sunday night faculty social
    • Attend CPP directorate meeting on Monday (open to all)
    • Attend CPP Teaching & Learning Session and sponsored program

Volunteer opportunities 

We have open volunteer positions for anyone interested in getting more involved with CSI this year! Volunteers work with a leadership team member on a project/initiative and have the opportunity to network/collaborate with the greater commission and ACPA community! It is a great way to contribute to the broader field of student affairs. The open positions include:

  • Collective Community Program Coordinator
  • Webinar Coordinator
  • Interchange Coordinator
  • Community Service and Service Learning Coordinator
  • Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Coordinator
  • Organizations and Activities Convention Experience Coordinator 
  • Organizations & Activities Programs Coordinator

Read more about our open volunteer roles and apply here.

Meet the 22-23 Volunteers

Beth Hunter

Elections Coordinator

Randi Maiers

Social Media Coordinator

Gabby Lloyd

Affinity Space Coordinator

Amy Everson

Awards Coordinator

Alexa Gerling

Volunteer Management Coordinator

Jacob Miner

Professional Development Coordinator

Kim Cleary

Community Service & Service Learning Convention Experience Coordinator

Bri Cross

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Convention Experience Coordinator

Nikki Gotleib

Leadership Educator Convention Experience Coordinator

Ben Helms

Leadership Education Programs Coordinator

Csi Awards

Thank you for your interest in the ACPA and CSI Awards processes. To learn more about the awards that CSI has to offer please continue to read our page below.

Program of the Year

The Program of the Year Award honors an ACPA institution for an innovative program conceived by the campus that exceeds programming expectations in one of the four functional areas (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership) of the Commission for Student Involvement. The award is based on student involvement, creativity and the success of the program, as determined by the achievement of the stated program goals. The recipient of this award will have their program highlighted in one of the Commission’s publications.

The 2022 Program of the Year is the Star Program at Sam Houston State.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award seeks to acknowledge an individual who has made a significant impact upon students, their department, and/or campus through specific initiatives or by way of their day-to-day interactions with others. The award also attempts to acknowledge regional and/or national participation in the field. The recipient of this award will be invited to write an article for Interchange, the Commission’s quarterly publication to highlight their research.

The 2022 Outstanding Graduate Student is Clare Signorelli.

The Outstanding New Professional Award 

This award seeks to acknowledge an individual who has made a significant impact upon students, their department, and/or campus through specific initiatives or by way of their day-to-day interactions with others. The award also attempts to acknowledge regional and/or national participation in the field.

The 2022 Outstanding Graduate Student is Aml Mohamed.

The Outstanding Leading Professional Award

The Outstanding Leading Professional Award will be presented to a professional staff member. The recipient for this award will be featured in one of our publications in the upcoming year.

The 2022 Outstanding Leading Professional is Lauren Shinholster.

The Outstanding Service to the Commission Award 

The Outstanding Service to the Commission Award honors a professional staff member who has displayed exemplary service and commitment of time and energy to both the Commission for Student Involvement and the profession. The recipient has given outstanding service to the Commission, upheld professional standards showing integrity, and holds the esteem and appreciation of colleagues, students and peers.

The 2022 Outstanding Service to the Commission Award  recipient is Meredith Keating White.