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Please contact us at or connect with the members of our Directorate Body with questions or ideas.

OUR mission

The Commission for Student Involvement enhances the knowledge and practice of educators working or interested in the areas of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Leadership Education and Development, Student Organizations and Activities, and Community Service and Service-Learning by providing access to networking, recognition, and professional development opportunities.

Our Vision

The Commission is the leading entity group in creating accessible educational resources for a community of scholar-practitioners to enhance the student experience.

Guiding principles

  • Provide accessible educational resources to better enhance the student experience
  • Release creative content on a consistent basis
  • Professional home for scholar-practitioners
  • Elevate services provided to college students
  • Foster inclusive professional network of diverse experiences and identities


We are now accepting submissions for our bi-weekly CSI Newsletter!  This publication showcases the work of professionals across the world engaged in fraternity/sorority life, leadership education, community service/service learning and student organizations and activities. Do you have a reflection on a program from your campus?  Think you have a good practice for advising students?  Tips for working with community partners?  A job posting? All of these and more would make great Newsletter Submissions. This is also an opportunity to share writing samples with a broader audience and is a great entry way into publishing.

Please submit your article here.

For more information about our publications, please contact our Chair-Elect, Brittany Stanton


September 10, 2021

August 24, 2021

May 24, 2021


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upcoming events

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Meet the Directorate

The CSI has two leadership bodies within the Commission: Directorate Governing Board and the Leadership Team. The Directorate Governing Board, is the advisory body of the Commission and provides the long-term vision for the commission and works to ensure the Commission leadership is meeting the goals and vision of the Commission. While the Directorate Governing Board provides long-term visioning for the Commission, the Leadership Team is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day work of the Commission.

The dynamic structure of our Commission leadership – inclusive of our CSI Leadership Team and Directorate Governing Board – allows the CSI to provide ongoing professional development support to our members, while also focusing on our long-term vision for the CSI’s work to advance the mission and goals of ACPA. 

Meredith Keating-White


Mercer University
Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Involvement

Brittany Stanton


Penn State DuBois
Student Engagement Coordinator

Tempris Daniels

Vice Chair

The University of Chicago
Student Involvement Advisor

James Silay

Chief of Staff

Purdue University
Assistant Director of Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life
Drew Bryant

Vice Chair for Membership

Amherst College
Community Development Coordinator
Nick Dressler

Vice Chair for Programs

Bates College
Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Lynne Miller

Vice Chair for Programs

University of Pittsburgh
Coordinator, Student Organization Resource Center

Cokie Thompson

Vice Chair for Research and Assessment

Louisiana State University 
Coordinator, Leadership and Service

Leslie Cavin

Leadership Education Chair

Western Carolina University
Assistant Director for Leadership

Nneka Walson

Student Organizations & Activities Chair

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Coordinator for RSO Support

Liz Cadwell

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Chair

University of Minnesota
Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life

Shavon Hutchingson

Community Service and Service Learning Chair

University of the West Indies, Mona 
Administrative Assistant Procurement & Student Enrichment Faculty of Engineering

Get Involved

Membership is open to all ACPA members, whether they have student involvement responsibilities as part of their day to day jobs, or are just interested in learning more!

Ready to join?

Joining an Entity through the ACPA Member Portal automatically identifies you as a member of that Entity! You will begin to receive Entity communications through their respective email listserv and have access to any resources they share!

  1. Login to your ACPA Member Account
  2. Click on Community Groups (Chatter)
  3. Click Groups
  4. Click Active Groups
  5. Find the entity you want to join and within that group, click +Join

Contact, to learn more about ACPA’s Commission for Student Involvement!

Any ACPA member can become involved and there are varying levels of involvement:

  • Access the syllabus clearinghouse and graduate prep program directory
  • Have your students submit proposals for the writing awards
  • Submit a proposal for a faculty research grant
  • Review conference programs for the annual convention
  • Review our writing award and research grant applications
  • Submit a program proposal for the annual convention
  • Get to know CPP at the annual convention:
    • Attend Sunday night faculty social
    • Attend CPP directorate meeting on Monday (open to all)
    • Attend CPP Teaching & Learning Session and sponsored program

CSI Leadership Elections will be opening soon!

Check out what our applicants had to say below!! 

Vice Chair for the Commission – Tempris Daniels

As a Leadership Team member throughout the past 7 years, I have volunteered with CSI and been on LT serving in a number of roles. The Vice-Chair position continues to interests me for a number of reasons. First, I do not feel like I am done with the position as there is still so much to learn from and grow. Second, I think the Vice Chair position hits many of my strengths and allows me to support others members of LT which continues to excite me in some many ways. Third, the Vice Chair position continues to help me be a better professional in my everyday job. So many skills and aspect of the position have shown up in my current role at UChicago. I love our team and would be honored to continue to work with everyone and learn from each other.

Chief of Staff – James Silay

As a member of the Leadership Team for the past few years, I have supported CSI and the Leadership Team in a variety of roles. The Chief of Staff position interests me because I i believe that my experience will allow me to continue to provide thoughtful feedback in advancing the work of CSI. As the current Chief of Staff, I have appreciated the opportunity to work with the entire Leadership Team and help where needed.

Vice Chair for Communications – Hanna Seferos

My name is Hanna Seferos and I am running for the Vice Chair for Communications position. This position interests me because it is a great way to connect with all members, volunteers, and leadership team members, to help promote the amazing work CSI is doing. Since joining ACPA, I have been involved with CSI and it has truly enhanced my experience in this organization. Serving the commission as Vice Chair for Communications will allow me to give back to the community that has given me a home within ACPA.

I am also passionate about providing other higher education professionals with the resources and community, that can make their experience in this field stronger, easier, and more impactful. I hope to do this by effectively communicating resources and bringing folks together through the CSI social media accounts, website and the Happenings publications.

Vice Chair for Programs: Webinars and Convention Social – Karren Shaalini Gunalan

I am interested in running for an elected position on the CSI leadership team as I am looking to get more involved in ACPA and came across the CSI leadership opportunity. I am now a ACPA ambassador, and I am loving every minute of it educating myself through various topics that we talk on every month. Since I have a little knowledge on it, I want to bring the knowledge that I learnt as ACPA ambassador to use by running for the Vice-Chair for programs: webinars and convention socials. I have attended so many webinars and it has changed my views on what kind of student affairs professional I want to be. Besides, through ACPA ambassador program I learnt about the “why” of some of the ambassadors and it inspired me. The socials and webinars have made me realized and gave me some ideas on how I could build a relationship with marginalized population and serve them better. That is the reason I want to run for this position.

I am also a person who loves seeing things through numbers and people’s honest opinions. With that I am also interested in running for the engagement and convention experience chair too as I love planning programs and also allowing people to give honest opinion on the program for the program to be better in future and to know if it would be an effective program


Vice Chair for Programs: Engagement and Convention Experience – Lynne Miller 

The role of Vice Chair for Programs – Engagement and Convention Experience interests me as I currently have served in the role over the past year. Working with a volunteer to create programming that engages professionals in thoughtful dialogue and contributes to their professional development has been an exciting opportunity which I would like to continue. If elected, I would seek to continue and expand upon the work of our newly established CSI Book Club and mentorship program. I am also interested in developing outreach to the Commission membership which will gather ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for engagement opportunities that individuals want to see as a part of their ACPA membership and involvement with the CSI Commission, with an end goal of creating more experiences for members that will really enrich their time with ACPA

Vice Chair for Research and Assessment – Corinne (Cokie) Thompson

Serving the CSI over the past three years, first as Interchange Coordinator and then as Vice Chair for Research and Assessment, has been a deeply meaningful experience. I have spent my graduate and professional career in similar contexts, and connecting with colleagues from a range of institutions and functional areas has broadened my understanding of our work and helped me look at my own work and institutions differently. Through working with the Interchange and Research Grant, I’ve had the privilege of helping to facilitate that learning for others. The ways we work and connect with each other have changed over the past couple of years, and I am excited about the opportunity to help us tell the story of how we will move forward.

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Chair – Liz Cadwell

I am currently serving in this role and have been serving in it since 2019. I am able to utilize my network with fraternity and sorority affairs to provide quality content to members of the CSI directly related to FSL and bring in respected and informed presenters. I have really enjoyed my time in this role and would like to continue on for another year or learning and educating.

Student Organizations and Activities Chair – Nneka Walson

In this role, I would be able to serve as an advocate for Student Organization Support and Activities. I intend to run to help in creating an environment for professional development, education and innovation. I am passionate about the student experience and want to push practitioners forward in thinking.

Leadership Education Chair – Leslie Cavin

Hello! I am running for Leadership Education Chair for the CSI. As the current Leadership Education Chair (and past Leadership Education volunteer) I believe I have the knowledge and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of this role. Additionally, I am currently serving on the ACPA22 Convention planning team and can use that knowledge as resource to help CSI as a whole!

Email Chair-Elect Brittany Stanton at if interested in applying to the below vacant positions.

Community Service/Service Learning Chair

Vice Chair for Membership

Vice Chair for Social Justice and Inclusion

Csi Awards

Thank you for your interest in the ACPA and CSI Awards processes. To learn more about the awards that CSI has to offer please continue to read our page below.

Program of the Year

The Program of the Year Award honors an ACPA institution for an innovative program conceived by the campus that exceeds programming expectations in one of the four functional areas (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership) of the Commission for Student Involvement. The award is based on student involvement, creativity and the success of the program, as determined by the achievement of the stated program goals. The recipient of this award will have their program highlighted in one of the Commission’s publications.

Supporting documents to attach with the nomination should include posters, flyers or assessment data, along with any other program material that will assist the committee with their decision. Also, please provide the name, phone number, and email address of a student or staff member who could serve as a reference if the committee feels they need to gather more supporting information.

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award seeks to acknowledge an individual who has made a significant impact upon students, their department, and/or campus through specific initiatives or by way of their day-to-day interactions with others. The award also attempts to acknowledge regional and/or national participation in the field. The recipient of this award will be invited to write an article for Interchange, the Commission’s quarterly publication to highlight their research.

The recipient must be a member of ACPA; be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program in a related area; volunteer work, and/or conduct research in one of the four functional areas (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership) of the Commission for Student Involvement.

The Outstanding New Professional Award

This award seeks to acknowledge an individual who has made a significant impact upon students, their department, and/or campus through specific initiatives or by way of their day-to-day interactions with others. The award also attempts to acknowledge regional and/or national participation in the field.

The recipient must be a member of ACPA; has been working in the field for 0-4 years; works in one of the four functional areas (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership); has demonstrated a commitment and/or has made contributions to the functional area of Student Involvement.

The Outstanding Leading Professional Award

The Outstanding Leading Professional Award will be presented to a professional staff member. The recipient for this award will be featured in one of our publications in the upcoming year.

The recipient must be a member of ACPA; has been employed as a professional staff member in the field of student affairs for at least five years; has demonstrated commitment to the profession through work both at their institution and through professional organizations; is viewed by colleagues as an educator; displays genuine support and regard for students; has involvement in and contribution to one of the four functional areas (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership) of the Commission for Student Involvement; is currently employed as a full-time professional staff member at a College or University.

The Outstanding Service to the Commission Award

The Outstanding Service to the Commission Award honors a professional staff member who has displayed exemplary service and commitment of time and energy to both the Commission for Student Involvement and the profession. The recipient has given outstanding service to the Commission, upheld professional standards showing integrity, and holds the esteem and appreciation of colleagues, students and peers.

The recipient must be a member of ACPA and the Commission for Student Involvement; has involvement in and contributions to ACPA; has involvement in and contributions to a Commission for Student Involvement functional area (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership); has held leadership position(s) within the Commission for Student Involvement; has made contributions to the individual’s campus and/or agency; displays genuine support and regard for students.

Research Awards

In order to encourage research and scholarship in student involvement (including targeted research in the four functional areas the CSI oversees), the Commission for Student Involvement (CSI) will award two $500 research grants. All ACPA members are eligible. Graduate students are especially encouraged to apply. Research question(s) must align with the various purposes and activities of the four functional areas of the CSI or their intersections (fraternity/sorority affairs, organizations/activities, service/service-learning, and leadership). Additional consideration will be given to research that brings a critical and/or social justice lens. Grant money can support research in the following ways: marketing, promotion, or incentives to attract participants; transcription assistance; travel for researchers; others as approved by the CSI’s Vice Chair for Research.

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