In this upcoming webinar, Ceceilia Parnther and Barbara Cozza will facilitate a panel discussion to address themes from their recent publication, Voices from Women Leaders on Success in Higher Education. “Drawn from research and the lived experiences of women and non-binary people in higher education leadership, this book serves as a guide in understanding the gender disparity in higher education leadership and how women leaders forge pathways to promotion and success through systemic barriers, obstacles, and a lack of representation.” Several chapter authors will join us as panelists.

Participants will take away how to re-envision ways that effective leadership–across both academic and student affairs–is framed and valued in our field, while considering the intersection of our multiple identities. This webinar is co-sponsored by the ACPA Commission for Academic Affairs and Coalition for Women’s Identities.

Register here. Participation is free for active ACPA members and $10 for non-members. Please join us!

Voices from Women Leaders on Success in Higher Education