Nominate yourself or a colleague for the CSI Leadership Team!

Becoming a member of our Commission for Student Involvement (CSI) Leadership Team could be your opportunity to become more connected, strengthen yourself professionally, and become engaged with a vibrant and passionate group of leaders. Below is more information about the Elections timeline for the 2020 – 2021 Leadership Team.

Check out our 2020-2021 CSI Leadership Elections Packet.

Nominations are now closed. See below for the candidate bios and voting information.


As a Commission, we could not accomplish our purpose without our Leadership Team and volunteers. Serving on the CSI Leadership Team is a wonderful way for current members to lead initiatives intended to advance the Commission, ACPA, and the student affairs field as a whole. Though leadership positions differ, each supports initiatives of the Commission through day-to-day programming and/or operational roles. Additionally, each position gives the opportunity to interact with professionals from a variety of institutions across the country and world.


The roles and responsibilities of each position on the CSI Leadership Team are unique, as is the approximate time commitment for each elected position. The Working Descriptions found in our elections packet are the best way to understand what each position does, along with time commitments, skill sets, and “A Week in the Life.”

If you have questions about CSI Leadership or the elections processes, please do not hesitate to contact Vice Chair Brittany Martin or Lynne Miller, Elections Coordinator


  • November 6th at 12 pm EST: CSI Leadership Applications Open
  • November 15th at 11:59 pm EST: CSI Leadership Applications Close
  • December 4th, 2019: CSI Leadership Elections Open (via ACPA)
  • December 13th, 2019: CSI Elections Close (via ACPA)
  • January-March 2020: CSI New Leadership On-boarding
  • January 2020 (Date TBA): CSI New Leadership Training
  • March 1-17: ACPA Annual Convention (Virtual)
  • March 2020: New Leadership Team Transitioned
  • June or July 2020 (Dates TBA): CSI Leadership Team Virtual Advance

*Dates and times are subject to change.


Chair Elect – Brittany Stanton

I am currently in my fourth year on the Commission for Student Involvement and feel like this is the appropriate next step in my work with the commission.  CSI has been my professional home for four years, and I feel prepared to lead and continue to uphold it’s reputation for the coming years. In my time on CSI, I have served two years as Student Organizations and Activities Chair and am currently in my second year serving as Vice-Chair for the Commission. In my two years as Vice Chair, I have gotten to work very closely with the Chair to prepare for meetings, make decisions for the team, and work on behind the scenes projects that I wasn’t aware of in my first two years. I have also had the opportunity to fill in for our Chair if she was unable to make meetings, and this helped me to understand what the position really entails. This experience has shown me a side of ACPA involvement that I have really enjoyed, and I would look forward to working closely with not only CSI, but my colleagues within ACPA as a whole to continue to further the opportunities that we offer.

Vice Chair for the Commission – Tempris Daniels

I’ve been with the CSI for 4 years as well as 1 year with the ACPA planning committee and have intentionally look to gain this experience so I can continue my growth within CSI. The Vice Chair position allows me the opportunity to continue what I am passionate about doing which is working with our fellow colleagues, continue a positive team atmosphere, highlight my skills in communication, and provide a futuristic approach to work we are doing while supporting the Chair of CSI. I’ve had a taste on what it looks like to be in meetings with Chairs and Vice Chairs from other Commissions and would be grateful for the opportunity to continue to support the CSI and work to advocate for us.

Chief of Staff – James Silay

Over the past few years I have been able to see a wide range of initiatives within CSI through four different volunteer opportunities. Each role has allowed me to better understand the strengths and opportunities for CSI and how this entity group can continue to challenge scholar-practitioners to invest in the important work within higher education. The Chief of Staff role interests me because it will allow me to utilize my past experience in supporting the Leadership Team and the commission continue to innovate and provide meaningful opportunities for members.

Vice Chair for Membership – Drew Bryant

As the Vice-Chair for Finance this past year, I have really enjoyed my time working alongside the members of the CSI. I think the Vice-Chair for Membership position presents many unique opportunities that I would be excited to take on. I would thoroughly enjoy the responsibility to plan and oversee the Commission Awards process since recognition of our colleagues and their hard work is something that is really important to me. I would also particularly enjoy the opportunity to work with Commission members, volunteers, and partners. Advocacy for others and effective communication are solid strengths of mine that I look forward to exercising in this role should I be selected. Thank you for your consideration.

Vice Chair for Communications – Casey Cole

I had the honor of serving as Vice Chair for Communications this past year and would love the opportunity to continue serving the commission in this way. I have learned a lot and have grown so much in the past year, I would be excited to continue the Communications position and further develop my knowledge and skills in marketing, editing, and social media management. Furthermore, now that I have a better idea of the responsibilities of the position, I look forward to adding new ideas and visions to this position if I were elected.

Vice Chair for Research and Assessment – Corinne (Cokie) Thompson

The CSI Research and Assessment Team has been a valuable experience professionally and personally, and I’m excited about the opportunity to enrich my experience and give back to the Commission. In my second year as Interchange Coordinator, I’m looking forward to building on what I’ve learned. When I first started my Vice-Chair and I were learning as we went along. We found our way, but I would love to help the next Interchange Coordinator to spend more time on gathering and sharing quality content than learning the system.

Vice Chair for Social Justice and Inclusion- Tanaisha Coleman

Currently, I am in the role of Vice-Chair for Social Justice and Inclusion, and it has been a rewarding experience to organize opportunities that center social justice for CSI. Since I started the role in May 2019, I have felt a renewed sense of purpose with higher education and the role I play as an educator. Thus, I am interested in continuing the role because I love building a broader network and developing programming for higher education professionals to proactively think about social issues on personal and professional levels.

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Chair – Liz Cadwell

I am currently in my second year serving in this role and really have gained a lot from this volunteer position. My network has grown, the variety of topics offered has widened, and the engagement and education for fraternity and sorority advisors has deepened during my time in this role. I want to enhance the trajectory this function area is going on by continuing my role for another year.

Student Organizations and Activities Chair – Tim Hussey

My name is Tim Hussey and I currently serve as a Complex Director for two social justice-themed communities at Emory University. I am writing to confirm my intent to run for the position of Student Organizations and Activities Chair. Although my current role is in Housing and Residence Life, my goal is to transition to the functional area of Student Involvement and having the opportunity to serve the CSI allows me to both serve an organization that I have grown to truly value as a new professional and create new connections while learning as much as I can about the area of Student Involvement