2024 ACPA Leadership Council Selection Process

Thank you for visiting this 2024 Leadership Council Selections site to learn more about available positions for election and appointment processes, including timelines for each process.

At the 2023 Annual Business Meeting, ACPA members approved a new governance model for the Association that begin implementation in March 2024 (Phase 1) and will be fully in place as of February 2025. This selection process in 2024 will identify the leaders who will begin their roles on the Leadership Council at the start of Phase 2 (the final phase) of the new model.

The ACPA Leadership Council Selection Processes are opportunities to ensure that people with the necessary competencies are leading ACPA and providing governance that will fulfill the objectives of the Association. It is also an opportunity for new leaders to contribute to long lasting sustainable goals and outcomes. Our Association’s leaders should represent the increasing diversity of our membership as well as have a demonstrated commitment and capacity to deliver on the strategic priorities of ACPA. Equity, diversity, and inclusion competencies are critical requirements of leadership in ACPA. Embedding and integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion into the Association’s core activities is an ongoing, critical responsibility. As part of ACPA’s legacy, we have a renewed commitment to these competencies and their application. These competency elements must include knowledge, skills, and experiences engaging and partnering with individuals and groups from multiple and intersecting identities with the capacity to integrate diverse views and information into leadership decision-making. ACPA leaders work to champion the interests of students, faculty, and staff ensuring high standards of quality and consistent service, support, and growth for our membership.


Elected positions only: President-Elect, Vice President-Elect for Membership, Vice President-Elect for Volunteer Leadership, Chair of Professional Development, Coordinator-Elect for Commissions, and Members-at-Large (x4, including 1 International)

Nomination and application forms available for all positions May 6, 2024
Nomination deadline for positions to be Elected July 15, 2024–Nominations Closed
Applications due by 11:59pm ET for positions to be Elected July 22, 2024
Leadership Council Election occurs for member voting August 19-30, 2024
Leadership Council Run-off Election occurs, if needed September 9-19, 2024
Leadership Council Selection Processes results announced to members November 11-15, 2024


Appointed positions only: ACPA26 in Baltimore Convention Chair, Chair of Nominations & Elections, Chair of Racial Justice Strategies, Chair of Research & Scholarship, Chair of Universal Design Strategies, and Past President

Nomination and application forms available for all positions May 6, 2024
ACPA26 Convention Chair applications due by 11:59pm ET June 7, 2024 – Application Closed
Nomination deadline for positions to be Appointed September 13, 2024
Applications due by 11:59pm ET for positions to be appointed September 20, 2024
Leadership Council Selection Processes results announced to members November 11-15, 2024


Descriptions of each role are linked to the position names below

Positions to be Elected in 2024:

Positions to be Appointed in 2024:

Additional information

  • Participating in the ACPA Leadership Council is similar to being a trustee of a college and university, rather than planning professional development or networking opportunities. The Leadership Council is responsible for ACPA’s financial wellbeing, strategic planning, and business practices and not as involved in day-to-day operations, programs, or services as most members might think. Many apply for governance leadership positions because they have had positive and meaningful experiences in programming or services on behalf of the Association and are surprised by the business-oriented nature of carrying out ACPA’s fiduciary duties. As ACPA is a non-profit organization (registered 501c3), we are required to meet certain legal and business requirements to sustain. The Leadership Council operates using an information informal version of Parliamentary Procedure for conducting business meetings, and newly elected officers will receive training and guidance for participating in these meetings.
  • The positions available in this election require various levels and amounts of time and commitment. Beyond the President-Elect/President (15-20 hours per week) and Vice Presidents (10-15 hours per week), most Leadership Council positions should expect and be capable of spending 5-10 hours per week on ACPA-related meetings, communications, and projects. Participation in all Leadership Council and working council meetings is expected for these positions.
  • Position descriptions require all interested applicants be “in good standing” with the Association. “In good standing” simply means that an individual’s ACPA membership is current and there are no active restrictions on membership or participation in Association activities/initiatives. Beyond active membership, the eligibility requirements for each Leadership Council role are outlined on the individual position descriptions.
  • Interested applicants are encouraged to consult with supervisors, mentors, current or previous governance leaders members, and others in their network about your interest in the position and time/effort commitments required in advance of applying.
  • Applications for Leadership Council positions will be reviewed and considered based on the following criteria:
    • Membership is current, in good standing, and meets or exceeds the minimum number of years of membership as required in various position descriptions;
    • Applicant’s meeting of the minimum vs. preferred qualifications as described in each specific position description;
    • Quality of application, including effective written communication and depth of response to questions;
    • Commitment to creating a diverse ballot with various applicant identities.

Working Council Membership

Membership in the ACPA Nominations & Elections Council are outlined in the ACPA Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures, and those individuals are identified below. Questions about the ACPA Leadership Council Selection Processes may be directed to the Working Council at [email protected].

  • Heather Shea, Past President (Chair)
  • Mattea Carveiro, Member-at-Large
  • Jasmine Lee, Vice President, Equity & Inclusion
  • Amanda Mollet, Vice President, Volunteer Leadership
  • Gudrun Nyunt, Vice President, Membership
  • Kendall Pete, Member-at-Large
  • Kelvin Rutledge, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
  • Alan Acosta, Vice President-Elect, Strategic Initiatives (non-voting)
  • Shetina Jones, Vice President-Elect, Equity & Inclusion (non-voting)
  • Chris Moody, Executive Director (ex officio; non-voting)
Members of the Nominations & Elections Working Council welcome questions about the Leadership Council positions. You can contact the following position “champions” at [email protected] to learn more or to ask questions:
  • President-Elect: Alan Acosta or Heather Shea
  • Vice President positions: Amanda Mollet or Gudrun Nyunt
  • Chair positions: Alan Acosta, Jasmine Lee, or Kelvin Rutledge
  • Coordinator positions: Shetina Jones or Gudrun Nyunt
  • Member-at-Large positions: Mattea Carveiro or Kendall Pete
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