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The Coalition for Women’s Identities supports, develops, and empowers the spectrum of women- and female-identified people and those in solidarity with us through advocacy and activism, engaging community, and scholarship.

Who We are

For more than forty years, the CWI has focused on the plethora of –isms and –phobias that affect the spectrum of women- and/or female-identified people, and is intentionally inclusive of all intersecting social identities, therein. The CWI serves to examine the subtle manifestations of power, privilege, and oppression including but not limited sexism, racism, genderism, transphobia, classism, ableism, homophobia, and xenophobia within higher education, and to educate ACPA members about these issues and their effects within our profession. Through round-table discussions, sponsored programs, publications, representation on ACPA boards and commissions, sponsored scholarly projects, and networking, CWI brings these issues to the forefront and empowers and supports women- and female-identified people and their allies in their professional aspirations in higher education and student affairs. Through education, empowerment, advocacy, and support, CWI works in collaboration with the ACPA membership at large to effect positive change for the spectrum of women- and female-identified people within higher education and student affairs.


Core Values

Advocacy & Activism- Honoring the intersecting social identities of the spectrum of women- and female-identified people, Addressing inequity related to sex, gender, and gender expression, promoting and celebrating inclusivity and upholding the values of ACPA by focusing on accountability and responsibility.

Engaging Community- Attending, responding, and adapting to the needs of our constituenty, creating and facilitating opportunities for mentoring, networking and connecting with colleagues and fostering relationships and collaborations in solidarity with the spectrum of women- and female-identified people.

Scholarship- Educating ourselves, the association, and the larger community about issues relevant to our mission, advancing the understanding of identity and intersectionality and supporting and promoting scholarship in the field.


2024 CWI Leadership

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ACPA Proposal Workshop

Join Our Workshop Designed For All Curious Minds Eager to Master The Art Of Crafting Compelling ACPA Program Proposals And Decoding Evaluation Rubrics

News & Updates

100 Days ’til ACPA – Join CWI in the Celebration

Let the countdown begin! Join the Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI) in the excitement – we are officially 100 days away from ACPA’s 100-year anniversary celebration at ACPA24 in Chicago. The theme of this year’s Convention is “Reflect. Evolve. Act.” These words,...

Get Involved

Become a member of the Coalition for Women’s Identities! Support student learning in higher education by helping to share knowledge of best practices, policies, and programs for those who want to increase awareness, eliminate oppression, and provide support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in higher education.

Ready to join?

Joining an Entity through the ACPA Member Portal automatically identifies you as a member of that Entity! You will begin to receive Entity communications through their respective email listserv and have access to any resources they share!

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Contact [email protected] to learn more or ask questions!

group of women sitting around a round table with papers and pens

There are several ways to get involved in the work of the Coalition on Women’s Identities. CWI is currently comprised of the Elected Directorate Members and the Volunteer Leadership Team. We welcome all involvement!

  • Volunteer with CWI! If you are interested in volunteering with the Coalition on Women’s Identities–at convention or throughout the year–please let us know here!
  • Sign Up to Review Programs submitted for CWI sponsorship at ACPA Convention
  • Join the Directorate: Are you passionate about Higher Education? Are you committed to supporting, developing and empowering those who identify as women? Do you have a desire to become more involved with ACPA? Be on the lookout for information on when positions open up in the News & Updates section of this page!
  • Attend CWI sponsored events at Convention including programs, socials, and the business meeting. Ask questions and express your concerns.
  • Contact the Chair or other Directorate members to identify issues of concern to you and/or women in your area.

cwi Awards

Annually in the fall semester, the Coalition for Women’s Identities honors individuals and programs that contribute significantly to the field of higher education working with college students. Recipients are announced in mid-December and awarded at the next ACPA Convention.

Outstanding Emerging Professional
The recipient will be selected based on their recognized potential to be a successful Student Affairs professional.   This individual will have made contributions that have positively impacted their respective departments or institutions.  Contributions made include but are not limited to the following areas: programming experience, leadership, community development, publications, presentations, community service and/or support for the educational environment on their campus.  Nominees for this award have worked in the student affairs profession or attended graduate school for three or fewer years and must be members of ACPA. 

Mid-Level Professional Award
The recipient will be selected based on their demonstrated expertise in creating an environment that promotes the Core Values of the Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI) including Advocacy & Activism, Engaging Community, and Scholarship. Outstanding individual contribution in innovative and responsive services and programs that address varied and emerging needs of students, professionals, and the community is highly valued. The recipient must have made contributions to the profession, ACPA, and/or the CWI by means of publication, presentation, program design, or mentorship. In order to be considered for this award, individuals must have at least five years as a full-time practitioner at an institution of higher education and must be a current member of ACPA.

Research and Scholarship Award
The recipient will be selected based on a review of research and scholarly activity.  Preference will be given to topics relevant to women and gender identity in Student Affairs.  Work may include publications, research, and curriculum or program development.   For consideration, nominees must submit a one-page abstract of the research or scholarship. Nominees for this award must be members of ACPA.  

Wisdom Award
Formerly named the Wise Woman Award, this award was renamed to reflect the mission of CWI. The recipient will be selected based on the history of their contributions towards woman or female identified individuals in student affairs and on their efforts to promote the professional and personal development of woman or female identified individuals   Contributions may be made in the areas of programming, engaging in the socialization of woman or female identified individuals, scholarship, publications, mentoring other woman or female identified professionals, and the provision of visionary leadership in the advancement of woman or female identified professionals in student affairs.  Nominees for this award must have worked in the higher education profession for at least ten years. Nominees for this award must also be members of ACPA.  

Jodie Castanza Outstanding Service Award (given by Chair)
The Chair will recognize contributions above and beyond the general reasonability’s of a directorate member.  Alumnae members will have contributed to the development of the committee through continued, service, guidance, and support. The recipient (s) will be selected based on efforts to promote the advancement of programs and services offered by the Coalition for Women’s Identities.

Cwi Blog

100 Days ’til ACPA – Join CWI in the Celebration

Let the countdown begin! Join the Coalition for Women’s Identities (CWI) in the excitement – we are officially 100 days away from ACPA’s 100-year anniversary celebration at ACPA24 in Chicago. The theme of this year’s Convention is “Reflect. Evolve. Act.” These words,...

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