Additional resources from our recent webinar on May 15,2020

Queers Need Resources

Additional resources sample documents (links are case-sensitive):

Alumni Funding proposal, Rutgers University:

Event tracking form:

Multiple Reports and Proposals, UC San Diego:

Reestablishment for Pride Center Report and Proposal, UT Knoxville:

Q&A from the webinar:

Q: It is 2020 and the last data I’ve seen on the number of LGBT Resource Center was in some work by Z Nicolazzo. The number cited was around 200. Does anyone have an updated number as well as a reference?

Answered by Shaun: According to the listings on the Campus LGBTQ Centers Directory, there are 275 LGBTQ Centers.  This website is regularly updated, and I trust the information in it, and have cited it before.

Q: As a one person office, what is the role of community involvement, student advocacy and/or the threat of lawsuits/protests/compliance issues in expanding supervisory and administrative support of LGBTQ+ Centers?

Q: Hello Everyone, I run a Gender and Sexuality Student Programs department. I am the only person in this department, and while I was approved for another person, I have now been told we will not be able to hire because of COVID19. How are you pivoting?


The Invisible Leaders: Student Affairs Mid-Managers, Robert B. Young (1990)

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